Funmilayo Ransome Kuti: My role model


Okay earlier on I wrote about my favorite female activist now about my role model. I am more than inspired daily with the story of Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, like why am I not you or related to you or was born in your timeRead More »


The all round bad ass, Nigerian feminist and activist that is Margaret Ekpo.

imageHey guys today am going to feed my sapiosexual minions with knowledge on the beauty that is Margaret Ekpo and incase you didn’t know am a baby feminist now you know. Every now and then I read about Nigerian woman that have contributed immensely to the growth of women and our rights in  the world. I have found 3 beauties but today I’ll be copying and pasting only the history of my favorite womanRead More »

Print obsession

I saw an AFrica Magic movie last night ( yes jobless ) but it was hilarious so… Anyway in the movie the native doctor ( babalawo ….hope i got the spelling ) had an office and even a financial secretary. Now that’s an upgrade and in the same way fashion has also upgraded in Nigeria. 10 years ago i would murmur insults at my mum on the way to the tailor because what awaited me was not pleasantRead More »

Reasons why you should not be a feminist

imageFeminism according to Marie shear in 1986 is the radical notion that women are people. It is also the philosophy of law based on political, economic and social equality of the sexes. A month or so ago there was a heated discussion at class about feminists and at the time I didn’t know enough to speak up so i watched Tokpe the feminist get chewed and spat out by the anti feminist crew. They gave reasons why we shouldn’t be feminist and i agree but with a twist it’s time to use their words against them.Read More »


Some of you i dont know
some of you i know
some of you i like, some of you i dont. Some of you may read my post because you genuinely like it, and some of you may read because you are bored and some of you may even read because i sent a link. Whether you comment on my post or on a fewvor none atall. Whether i know you by your first name or i dont know your name or you dont know mine. Whether i have met you or not.

I just wanted to say that……

we might not know eachother well enough to call ourselves friends, but you have stopped being strangers when you began to read my blog.

we are snowflakes in the same snowstorm, droplets of water in the same ocean, leaves on the same tree, colors in the same rainbow.

There is something going on between us. Can you feel it.

inspired by boy with a hat.